It's about the people, the passion.



People of the Jersey Shore is a new web series featuring real life portraits that will provide a glimpse into the people and moments that define the spirit of the Jersey Shore.

Encompassing about 125 miles of oceanfront, from the northernmost point of Sandy Hook to the southernmost tip of Cape May, the Jersey Shore area includes portions of Atlantic, Cape May, Monmouth and Ocean counties. Known for its boardwalks, amusement parks and beaches New Jersey has always been a place to visit or vacation for many, but what really makes the Jersey Shore so special? 

The people.

It's because of the people and a strong community spirit that have allowed the Jersey Shore to come together and flourish even in the face of natural disaster.

What really makes the Jersey Shore so special?

The People. ‘’

So what is the Jersey Shore spirit? This series will travel up and down the Jersey Shore searching for just that.

Whether it's a surfer who helps keep the beaches clean in his spare time, a storeowner giving back to the community or a lighthouse keeper maintaining history. They're people with passion in their every day lives and have a strong connection with the Jersey Shore.

Join us and celebrate the spirit of the real Jersey Shore.